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Club President - Charles White

Vice President - Tom Price

Secretary - David Lawson

Treasurer - Will O'Dwyer


Other Committee Members:


Trevor Griggs

Mike Tait

Marek Sobolewski

Antony Harkin


Should you wish to contact the Committee, please email []



Club President
Charles White

Charles has been a member of the Club since 1999 when he joined as a junior. After returning from university, he originally got involved in running social events and tournaments. This eventually led to him taking on the role of Vice President in 2015 and then President in 2020. A keen squash & racketball player, Charles captained the second team squash at Leeds University and has also played for the Island. As well as arranging social events, Charles is committed to improving the clubs facilities in order to provide one of the best Squash & Racketball Clubs in the British Isles, and was recently involved in the integration of Padel to help attract a wider membership.

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